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      The fall trade show season is here – have you done your PR?

      What does it mean when the air begins to cool and the leaves start to turn color? It’s time to start gearing up for the busy fall trade show season of course! But before heading to the airport, hopefully you accomplished a few tasks ahead of time to make your show successful. Did you write […]…

      The Best Cheat Sheets for Designers

      Learning a programming language or program quick keys can be like learning another speaking language. has compiled a great resource of the Best Cheat Sheets for Designers available as PDF downloads. There are cheat sheets available for HTML 5, CSS3, WordPress, JQuery, PHP, Pho…

      Social Media Explosion?

      At times my staff looks at me cross-eyed, thinking me a dinosaur without a clue. I’m being told by my associates, bloggers, fellow agency owners and assorted “experts” that online and social media are not only the “way things are today”, but that all forms of traditional marketing communication…

      Here I Come to Save the Day!

      You know the stories about every day heroes, invariably mixed between the headlines of this crisis or that. Stories that serve to uplift, inspire and give us hope reminding us that there is a great deal of good left in this world. Most of my heroes don’t make the headlines, but they are still re…

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    • Nothing says "Happy Boss's Day" like a little Gin and Tonic...and we even threw in the limes! Happy Boss's Day Dean!

      3 days ago
    • A #selfie is always a good strategy! Steve and Kelsey had a great time chatting with University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
      students tonight talking PR strategies! Bright kids--Bright future!󾭖

      6 days ago
    • Class is in session! Steve and Kelsey will be talking PR strategies with students tonight at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
      . What advice would you give to marketing students as they get ready to enter the job market?

      6 days ago