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      A student’s perspective on Public Relations

      The real world is rapidly approaching as I edge closer to my May 2014 graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Although I can say I am extremely scared for what is to come, I could not be more excited to start my professional career in the communications field. In my case, the com…

      What are you wearing?

      Does your staff complain when they’re asked to don their corporate apparel? Do they find it uncomfortable, unflattering, faded and dated? Does your apparel accurately reflect your corporate culture?  If not, then maybe it’s time for an upgrade! Here are some things to consider: –  Don’t just pur…

      Demographics…and Millennials

      I have been a student of demographics for more than 30 years.  As one of the first subscribers to Demographics Magazine, I consumed each and every issue as I found the topic extremely interesting and applicable to the work I did for my clients. Recently, I ran across a blog from Bob Hoffman, the…

      Are you ready for the deep end?

      My little guy – a breath away from age 4 next month – had his first-ever swimming lesson earlier this  month. As many parents, the height of anticipation and expectation was overwhelming for me – I wanted him to have the perfect swim stroke and a great flutter kick right from the first minute. M…

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    • Congratulations Dave on winning this year's LePoidevin Marketing March Madness!

      1 day ago
    • Congratulate Dave as the winner of LePoidevin March Madness!Both Dave and Jim G. finished 1st with 40 correct wins, but Dave won the tiebreaker. Way to go!

      9 days ago

    • We love our Facebook fans! But we were wondering this morning which fan is the furthest away? Tell us your location - and the one who's furthest away will receive a special LePoidevin gift! Hopefully we have a few fans outside of Brookfield!

      17 days ago