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      What the Heck is Public Relations, Anyway?

      By Jenny Kosek for our 15 Ways to Build Your B2B Brand in 2015 Blog Series Public relations, marketing, and advertising are terms that get tossed about interchangeably, which is unfortunate because public relations is a decidedly unique animal compared to the other two. And when done well, it ca…

      4 Tips for Successfully Pitching and Writing for Trade Publications

      By Steve Staedler for our 15 Ways to Build Your B2B Brand in 2015 blog series So you have a story idea that you’d like to pitch to a few trade publication editors. While it may sound like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be, if you ask the right questions and do your homework […]…

      Identify Your Archetype for Clear Communication

      By Gregg Kerttula for our 15 Ways to Build Your B2B Brand in 2015 blog series I think the CSI theme song performed by one of the most influential rock bands, The Who, poses the question best: “Who are you? I really wanna know… Tell me, who are you? ‘Cause I really wanna know!” Rockin’ tune… […]…

      Top 10 Reasons to Consider Joining a Trade or Industry Organization

      By Michael Isaacson for our 15 Ways to Build Your B2B Brand in 2015 blog series If I asked most people, “Why you haven’t joined an industry group or trade association,” I’m certain I’d hear the same answer from 99% of them. I’m just too busy. We’re all busy, and we are cramming more and […]…

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    • Looking or a fun, challenging and rewarding place to work? LePoidevin Marketing is looking for a full-time writer to lead our print, online, social and video writing efforts? Send Dean your resume, today!

      4 days ago
    • Steve traveled to Linn–Benton Community College
      in Albany, Oregon to talk with students about the Snap-on Education Program. Read how the program is helping train the next generation of technicians.

      Snap-on Technical Education Program: Linn-Benton Community College Profile - Tomorrows Technician
      The onus to help train tomorrow’s technicians and begin to close the skills gap continues to fall on community colleges and technical schools. But they don’t have to do it alone, and that’s a new concept many institutions are exploring to help advance their skills training programs. The idea involve…

      5 days ago
    • Happy National Love Your Pet Day! Comment below and show off the creature you love.

      10 days ago